Saltram Part 4

It really is time to look inside the house. The entrance hall is just as pretty as the outside, don't you think?

This is a mid eighteens century space. I was quite fascinated by the pink and white checkered floor and those really uncomfortable hall chairs.

The table is Georgian with a marble top and cabriole legs.  There is a matching one on the opposite wall. The bracket clock is Boulle from the mid 18th century.

The next room is the Morning Room.  It was also occasionally used for small family dinners.

Apparently about two thirds of the pictures in this room are in the same positions as they were in 1819.

The dining table is mahogany as are the Gothick dining-chairs both dating to the middle of the eighteenth century, as well as a set of Chippendale-style dining-chairs.

I really took a shine to this gilded side table. there are a pair of them. They are English frames and the tops are Florentine, inlaid with specimen marbles and mosaic pastoral scenes.  I have to say that my pictures do not do these rooms justice, but if they give you a sense of what they are like, then I am pleased.

These rooms are laid out in the gallery style. There is no corridor, one simply moves through one room to the next and the next room is something to behold.

More about that next time. Until then, Happy Rambles.