Happy New Year

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday celebrations and wish you all the best for 2014.

I must say Christmas 2013 will be one that stays long in my memory and with a cocktail of emotions, both good and bad.  We were hit by the ice storm on the Sunday before Christmas and it was almost Boxing Day morning, Dec 26, before power returned and even longer before we could honestly say we were back to normal, which is why I have been so slow posting this blog.

Really, we cannot complain. A great many people were hit a lot harder and for longer than we were. And we managed to get together with family and friends more or less as usual. Lots of laughter about do I use the generator to curl my hair, or keep the heat on the house?  Scarcrow hair is the new in-thing, right?

 Mostly, I am heartsick about the damage to the old trees in my neighbourhood. But we survived. And the trees will come back in their own good time.  I hope you also survived whatever came your way, and are looking forward to the coming year.

Lots of plans for 2014 and lots of fun information coming your way.