2012 In the Rear View Mirror

It is always a good thing to look back. After all, as someone who loves history, I know the past can help with the future.

I think that 2012 was a bit of a watershed for me. I have begun to feel like a Writer. Oh, yes, I was a writer before, but now I feel as if I have the chops to go with the title. Not that I would ever say I had mastered the craft of writing. It is an ongoing process. A skill that must be practiced, examined and honed. I am always reaching for a better book.

However, I have a little more confidence in my approach to my writing. This year I was a finalist in three important writing contests.  I received some wonderful (and some not so wonderful) reviews from reviewers and from readers. I stretched my wings a little bit. Tried some things that were new for me.

Case in point is the book displayed on the left.  This was a first for me. A story that had to fit in with the stories of seven other authors. Between us we had to create an overarching plot, yet end up with a book that could be read alone or as part of the series.  Particularly interesting was the upstairs downstairs feel of the series.  The conflict and tension that causes.  Needless to say in all the projects I undertook, I tried to make sure I had fun. And hopefully readers had fun right along with me.

During the past twelve months I traveled to some amazing places in England and I will be sharing these with you along with other tidbits about the Regency and what is happening in my author world.