Coming Home

by Ann Lethbridge

No matter how perfect a vacation is, no matter how nice the hotel and how welcoming your family and friends (and they were, let me tell you), there is nothing quite like sinking into your own mattress at the end of a long trip and knowing you are home. Aaaah.

And nothing quite like the excited dog who can't bark because he is sooo happy to see you his tail is taking up every ounce of his energy and his voice. And nothing quite like your daughter's grin at the loot you brought back.

Of course there is the pile of mail (bills mostly) and the weeds and the all the worries you forgot while you were away, but they are all minor.

Coming home is a hugely lovely part of going away.

We are so happy to be back, and next week look for June fashions, flora and fauna and lots of new pictures from our trip.

Until then, Happy Rambles.