Regency Fashions for January

by Michele Ann Young

Before we get to the important stuff here is a bit of writing news! Michele has a story in the Mammoth Book of Regencies. The working title is Remember and it went in to the editor on Wednesday. More to come on that later.

These two gowns are so very January, aren't they? And with the weather in England the way it is right now, to me they look perfect. (It would just take the Thames to freeze over, and I would be over there in a heartbeat. Can you imagine, a 21st century frost fair).

Right, back to fashion.

This place comes from the Ladies Monthly Museum for January

Walking Dress.

A Green Velvet Hat, turned up in Front, and edged with White Swansdown, ornamented with a Green Velvet Flower. A Pelisse of Green Velvet, with Bishop’s Sleeves, trimmed with Black Lace. Habit Shirt of clear Muslin; Swansdown Tippet. Buff Boots.

Notr the habit shirt, these were worn under riding habits, but I suspect it is added here for a bit of warmth.

Full Dress.

Head fashionably dressed, ornamented with a Silver Wreath, and Heron’s Feathers. Walking dress of clear Muslin; a deep Lace let in round the Bottom. A Robe of Crimson Satin, edged round with White Swansdown, full sleeves, looped up with a Diamond Button. White Muff, Gloves, and Shoes.

The colour of the robe is gorgeous isn't it. Heron's feathers. My, whose for dashing out and tackling a heron. I bet we'd be in trouble.

And just for fun, for those who may not have seen this:

Snowy Britain on January 7, 2010. Brrrr.

Until next time, Happy Rambles.