Dinefwr Castle Wales

This is the castle in the backyard of Newton House. Dinefwr (pronounced Dinever) near Llandeilo. The view from the park if you like.

Its round tower or keep was crowned with a summerhouse in the 17th and 18th centuries. Later, it became a Romantic element in the landscaped park, which is why it shows up here. You can imagine the footmen slogging up the hill with the picnic and the table cloths so the master of Newton house could entertain his guests in prime style with a view to die for.

The ladies of course would want their drawing implements, and the gentlemen would clamber about over the ruins making erudite comments about the various walls and structures, and no doubt imagine themselves as knights.

It would also be a wonderful place for the children of the house to play.

I am not going to give you very much of its history, suffice it to say it was a Welsh stronghold in the llth and 12th centuries until overrun by King Edward 1 and thence fell into English hands. These second second two pictures are view from the top.

We drove up there through the sheep and up a winding track. Only parking for two cars, so most people walked, but since we had spent a considerable time in the house, we were lucky to find a spot to park.

The views of the surrounding countryside are stunning and I think provide lots of information for settings. I took heaps of pictures inside the castle of winding stairs, and arrow loops. Once of these days I would love to branch out and write a medieval. And this is one location I would love to use.

In the meantime, one of these days, I may well find my regency hero or heroine has a castle in his back yard.

Until next time Happy Rambles.