Regency Fashion for September

by Ann Lethbridge

This is an Evening Gown for September 1818.

Alas I do not have a description from the time, though in an article in the 1818 Belle Assemblee they say:

"Pearls are universally adopted in full dress jewelry."

Around this time waists were dropping, although there is no evidence of that in this particular gown and indeed the Belle Assemblee says:

"Waists continue short as usual" Just shows how wrong the fashionistas could be, then as now.

The new bell to the skirt and the heavy decoration around the hem can clearly be seen.

I thought it interesting that she is wearing a crown.

This next picture is presented because it shows mother and child.

This morning gown is from the 1808 La Belle Assemblee.

And as usual we see the york tan gloves in evidence I beleive. Such an odd mix of colours, pink and blue and yellow. I really like the soft bonnet.

Now here is my question, is it a boy or is it a girl. If you have an opinion, how can you tell?

I love the bench the lady is sitting on, so light and airy. One imagines this as being set in a conservatory.

The dress to me is of a very light muslin and in the classic lines of the early Regency. The lacy edging around the bodice and the wide set sleeves, which unfortunately disappear beneath the shawl are quite lovely.

Well that is all for this September. Until next time, Happy Rambles.