Lullworth Castle 3

It is always fascinating to poke around in someone's home, even if those people are long gone.  This was the saloon in the Regency. Originally the Great Hall, a place where visitors would have processed through to reach the Great Chamber and the State Apartments on the first floor. (2nd floor in North America).

 This is how it looks now, but we are kindly given a picture of how it looked before the fire.

While not Regency, it is easy to imagine it looking like this in our period. If you have a character living in a house like this remember that this room was also the route to other rooms in the house.

As usual I am fascinated by the other nooks and crannies in these old places.  These stairs obviously originate back the the more castle-like structure of the house.  No doubt the servants route from one place to another.  The picture is grainy because without the use of a flash it was too dark to be seen, so I have brightened it.

And here we have a view of the house as it was in the time of Humphrey Weld who owned the house after the Howards.

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