What I did last weekend

I know it sounds a bit like school. As I mentioned last Friday, I attended the New Jersey Romance Writers conference this past week end and after that we went to visit relatives who live north of New York City, on the way home as it were.

I had a great conference, catching up with old friends and acquaintances. Here I am with two other Casablanca authors (me on the left), Marie Force and Robin Kay at the signing.
As you can see we are having a pretty good time.

Quite a few people came by for a copy of my book, which is always a good feeling.
I attended some really interesting and helpful workshops. I moderated one for Winnie Griggs whose talk had me taking notes non-stop. I bought several books, which I am looking forward to reading.

I met some aspiring writers and new writers and amazing best selling writers all of whom were wonderfully friendly. We were lucky to find booksellers in attendance, including Sue Grimshaw from Borders, who is both glamorous, friendly and very knowledgeable, as is Stacey Agdern who works for an independent bookseller in Grand Central Station. Along with Stacey, I spent an entertaining evening talking writing with Leanna Renee Hieber, a gothic Victorian writer newly acquired by Dorchester, and my good friends Maureen and Sinead.

I was very happy to learn that publishers are interested in historicals, including regencies.

After a hectic couple of days it was family time. Now you may think this is odd, but during the visit to my relatives, we went skeet shooting. This is genuine research. Did you know that trap shooting (which is very like skeet shooting) started in 1805? Nor did I. But I do now. And, in the interests of research, I shot 25 rounds at little clay targets. I doubt that women would have gone shooting during the Regency, though I don't see why one could not. I feel a story coming on.

Anyway was a lovely day, sunny, the fall colors outstanding, so we had a really nice family gathering, even if it was a bit noisy. And today it snowed here in Ontario. Go figure.

Back to normal programming next week. Until then, Happy Rambles.