Lulworth Castle 6

 As we finish up our tour of the castle, and I thought you might enjoy this view which seems to show it as it would have been before the fire, we descend into the basement where the kitchens, storage and servants working areas are located.
 I am always interested in these glimpses into the lives of those who lived below stairs.  My guess is that this would have been particularly uncomfortable located as it was in such medieval-looking surroundings with its small high windows for natural light..

 You can an example of how daylight was brought into the space.  On a cloudy day it would not be nearly so bright. I wonder if the odd scullery maid would have climbed up into that window to look out at the day.
 I loved this example of an oven beside the great hearth, which would have been even bigger than it is now in its heyday. 

And another view of the entrance into the kitchen area.

So medieval, yet in use up to 1925.

Until next time.......