by Ann Lethbridge

I'm not talking about where I get my Inspiration, but the occasions when one manages to inspire someone else. I gave a talk recently on the why's and how's of writing short stories. I thought it might be timely given the several new opportunities available. And because I have published several short stories and had thought long and hard about how to do it.

I thought it went reasonably well, we talked about the theory and we developed a fun plot of our own. Last week, one of the participants came by to say she had been so inspired she went home and finished her short story. The first piece of writing she'd finished in quite a while.

It made me feel as if I had paid back all of those writers who shared their expertise with me. I felt inspired. I also felt inspired to write a short story myself. Inspiration comes from many source.

If you are wondering where we are? We are in Washington DC at the RWA conference. Normal programming will resume next week.