Regency Fashion - February

Here we are in February, already, and it is time for our fashion feature. This plate is from the Cabinet of Fashion for February 1808

The first gown is described as -A straw coloured dress of sarsnet, with alternate stripes of lace; head-dress to correspond, with white ostrich feathers. Kid gloves.

I like "straw-coloured" rather than yellow, and the lacy stripes are certainly slimming. It is a simple gown, but very effective. Although it seems to me it would look best on a very slender lady.

The second gown is accorded the following description: -Hair fashionably dressed; pink crape dress, ornamented with white crape. White kid shoes.

Why the emphasis on the hair I am not sure. It seems to show the hair in a sort of roll or braid around the back of the head. And of course we can't see the front. The dress itself is accorded very little information. You can just see the little reticule the model is carrying.

Our third and last plate makes a nod to the weather: -Round cambric dress; bloom coloured mantle, trimmed with swansdown, but the same colour.

The length of the dress leads me to believe this is a walking gown. I think she should have had sturdier shoes, don't you? Swansdown always sounds soft and cuddly and light. Very appropriate for the winter. I understand that London is buried under snow today, so I am sure a bit of swansdown wouldn't go amiss. The wrap mantle is like a cloak, no sleeves. Not keen on the hat. Actually, this is not one of my favorite outfits at all, but it does look warm.

Well that's all for today. Until next time, Happy Rambles.