Fashion for February 1817

Evening Gown February 1817  Ackermann's Repository

The dress
Is composed of white crape over white satin. The body, which is a mixture of satin and crape, is perfectly novel, and extremely becoming to the shape; it is confined to the waist by white satin, fastened in front by a ruby clasp. 

The sleeve is long, and we refer for its form to our print. The skirt is trimmed with crape draperies, elegantly ornamented with bunches of roses. These draperies are surmounted by three rows of rich white fancy silk trimming. 

The hair, which is much parted on the forehead, is dressed very low at the sides, and the hind hair brought to a very moderate height. A wreath of roses, intermingled with exotics, is placed very far back on the head. 

White kid gloves, and white spotted silk slippers. Necklace, ear-rings, chain, &c are composed of various coloured stones. A transparent silk shawl is thrown carelessly over the shoulders, in such a manner as to form a very elegant drapery.

Coming soon from Ann Lethbridge   An Innocent Maid for the Duke  
FROM Harlequin Historicals 
Book Two in a 4 Book Miniseries,
The Society of Wicked Gentlemen  


To Rose, the sensation of being held remained a novel experience. Few people in her life had put their arms around her as far as she recalled. And only this man had ever embraced her with such gentle care. His touch seemed to reach into her very soul. And the way his kisses made her feel was heaven on earth.

A heaven she hadn’t known existed, or that it could be shared with another. Her body trembled and yearned and her heart seemed to want to pound itself free of her chest. She twined her arms around his neck, for support and because she wanted to touch him, too. The feel of his silky hair against her fingers was enchanting and wicked.

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