Fashion May 1812

It has been a while since I posted any fashion and I thought it was time.  I have two gowns from two hundred years ago that I thought you might like a a break from our explorations of Saltram where gowns very similar to these would have been worn.

Both of these gowns are from Ackerman's Repository for May 1812.

The descriptions are as follows:

Promenade or Carriage Costume.
    A Round spencer robe of blossom coloured sarsnet, trimmed with tufted Chinese silk fringe; a drapery of deep Vandyke lace, continued round the back and shoulders to the bottom, in the loose Polonaise style; the spencer sitting close to the throat, without a collar, which is supplied by that of the morning robe of white muslin beneath. 

A provincial bonnet of the same material as the spencer, ornamented with two curled white ostrich feathers, placed in adverse directions in the front. Half-boots of blossom-coloured kid; ridicule to correspond; and gloves of lemon-coloured kid, or pale tan colour.

I do like this gown very much. That reticule is teeny tiny isn't it? And such an interesting shape. Not much more in there than a handkerchief I would think.

Domestic or Morning Costume.

    A French frock of fine plain India muslin, with demi-train, and long full bishop’s sleeves. Waggoners’ cuffs, with gaged front, and shoulders to correspond. Tucker of double-rolled muslin, which also finishes the cuffs round the hands. 

    A Parisian mob cap of fine lace, confined round the head, and terminating on one side with a celestial blue or silver grey ribbon. Sash of the same, tied in small bows and ends in front. Hair in waved curls, divided in the center of the forehead.
   Spanish slippers of lemon-coloured kid, and gloves of the same material. 
   The peculiar taste and elegant simplicity of these habiliments are further specimens of the graceful invention of the celebrated Mrs. Gill, of Cork-street, Burlington-gardens, from whom we have obtained them.

This young lady looks very much as if she has the die away down pat. I wonder if the note she is holding is from a beau?  I presume that by domestic, they are referring to the wearing of it at home. I can't say that I like the waggoner's cuffs much. I can imagine them getting in the soup. or at least in my soup. I am sure she would be much better at keeping them under control than I would.  This dress seems to have a bit of everything, a train, a sash, bishop sleeves, a gaged (?) front and shoulders, a tucker of double rolled muslin and something similar on the cuffs beneath those waggoners sleeves.  Remarkable. No wonder she looks so out of sorts. I definitely need to find a character to wear this one.

Until next time, Happy Rambles.