Regency Fashion July 1815

I hope you are having a wonderful summer.  I have been enjoying the good weather, but do not want to say goodbye to July without our second fashion feature, which I am inputting sitting on my deck with a warm breeze blowing.
I really like this gown, and love that it uses pomona green satin in stripes.  Clearly our young lady is of a musical bent, at least I am seeing this as a song book, what do you think?

Evening Gown - July 1815 from Ackermann's Repository

A white satin slip, worn under a dress formed of tull, with folds of satin of Pomona green and white alternately let in, terminating at the feet with a rich flounce of blond lace, headed with a broad border of white roses, appliqued with lilies of the valley.

A frock front, tastefully varied with tull and satin ribbon; the back brought to a point, reaching the bottom of the waist, and trimmed from the points of the stomacher in front with quilling of blond lace.

Short fancy sleeve of tull and satin ribbon, corresponding with the front of the dress. Short sash of net edged with green satin, tied in bows behind.

Head-dress, a plume of ostrich feathers; necklace, pearl; ear-drops and bracelets to correspond; slippers, white satin; gloves of French kid, drawn over the elbow.

The dresses of this month, as well as those of the last, are furnished by Mrs. Bean, of Albemarle-street, a lady to whose taste and invention the fashionable world is under considerable obligations.

And for those who prefer to sit indoors and embroider, a pattern you can try from the same issue.
One of these days I am going to give one of these a go.  Until next time……..