Regency Fashion for September

by Michele Ann Young

Sorry to be missing for a week, I have had family visiting. Now it is the end of the summer I hope I can get back into the swing of things.

September Fashion

I am sure you have no trouble recognizing this as a mourning gown.  Interesting to me is that for once we have the front of one gown and the back another. They look almost the same.

This plate is from 1805 From the Ladies Museum

The first is a chemise dress of Italian gauze; full front, fastened in the centre with a jet broach, over a black sarcenet slip; sleeves and front trimmed with black net trimming, fastened with bugles. Leather gloves, and black jean shoes.

The second gown is made of of imperial lustre and has short sleeves. Gloves and shoes are the same as the first figure.

I couldn't resist this one, although it seems odd to me that this would be a fashion for September because it is.....

A Fashionable Sea-Side Walking Dress From La Belle Assemblee, 1810

It is described as follows:

A gown of white French cambric, or pale pink muslin, with long sleeves, and antique cuffs of thin white muslin, trimmed with Mechlen edging; made high in the neck, without a collar, and formed in points at the centre of the bosom, with three rows of letting-in lace; confined down the front of the dress with small buttons; and hemmed round the bottom with three rows of deep Mechlen lace; made rather short, and worn over trowsers of white French cambric, which are trimmed the same as the bottom of the dress.

A cap composed of lace and light green silk trimming, tied under the chin, with a bunch of natural flowers in front. Hair in full ringlet curls, divided in the front of the forehead. A figured short scarf of pale buff, with deep pale-green border, and rich silk tassels; worn according to fancy or convenience; with gloves of pale buff kid; and sandals of pale yellow, or white Morocco, complete this truly simple but becoming dress.

Isn't this interesting. She is wearing trowsers. And look at the strappy sandals. Don't they look like something we would wear today? It is very unusual to see a gown buttoned down the front I think. I am glad to see this as I am currently working on a seaside scene. Fortuitous is the word I am looking for, I think.

That is my fashion article for this month.  Flora and Fauna up next.  Then we return to London.  Until next time, Happy rambles