If you are following the Olympics you will no doubt have noticed that Weymouth in Dorset, on the south coast of England, is the venue for some of the water sports, in particular, sailing.  As you can see from this picture it looks ideal

But that was not why I went to Weymouth.  Weymouth was one of George III's favorite places.  It is where he went for his summer holidays, before Prinny, the Prince of Wales, his son made Brighton famous.  It was his brother the Duke of Gloucester who built Gloucester (pronounced Gloster for those who like to know) House and the King spent fourteen holidays there over the course of many years.

It is a very old seaport, but has become a tourist place probably because of the Royal patronage initially.  But it really does have a very beautiful beach with find soft sand. 

Here is a statue erected to the King by the Town in celebration of George III's 50 years on the throne.  And I thought you might like a close up of the old fellow.

This is Gloucester Lodge where the King spent his holidays, it is right on the sea front, The Esplanade. There is a road and a walking promenade and then the beach.  So nothing in the way of the view of the sea and the bay.

Just a few steps along from here is the Royal Hotel. It is a Victorian building built on the sight of the Old Royal Hotel which also provided the public Assembly Rooms which would have been in use during the Regency. The are a number of Georgian and Regency buildings along The Esplanade.

Running parallel to the esplanade and behind the buildings which face the sea is St Mary's street with shops and restaurants and an old pub now called the Black Dog but was called The Dove Ale House in George III's day.  Apparently the King was a regular customer.  It also happily boasts of a murder on the premises.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to the seaside. Until next time, Happy Rambles