Buckland Abbey IX

Buckland Abbey Great Hall
Interestingly enough it is not until you reach the end of the walk around the house that you reach The Great Hall which is today furnished in sixteenth century style.

I really liked the pink and white tile, which is thought to come from Holland. 

The main feature of the room is the decorative plaster work on the ceiling.

The fireplace is typical of the sixteenth century.

It is not hard to imagine our Regency characters living in a house such as this with its mix of architecture and conveniences.  Of course I have lots more pictures and information, but I only post a few of them here.

The section of the ceiling on the left disguises a squint in the form of a skull. A way to watch the room without being seen. Perhaps a way to keep an eye on both enemies and friends.  I have come across these in other houses and will try to include them as we go along

My last picture is of the north front which still has a strong flavour of the original abbey.

There are quite a few places within the building where the original stonework is incorporated into the design of the building as a house.  I hope you get a chance to visit this building one day.  It was fascinating and certainly I have only skimmed the surface of its history.

Until Next Time, Happy Rambles.