Regency Fashion for September

September is turning out to be a sizzling month as I impatiently count down to the release of "NO REGRETS". Romantic Times gave it a four star review and if you go to my website you will find it there.


I looked back to see when I started blogging the fashions by month and do you know I think it was October. So this is either my last month or I have to go around the circle again with new fashions for each month. What do you think?

I think you will spot right away that this is not Regency, even if you didn't look at the 1799 date, but will you look at those gowns? They are almost Victorian. But no. It really is 1799. Here is the description.

Morning Dress.—First Figure. White chip or straw hat tied under the chin; lilac or white muslin crown; muslin or lace frill round the neck. Close muslin robe buttoned down the front, and trimmed round the bottom with blue ribbon, or printed border; pale-green gloves and shoes.
Second Figure.—Round straw bonnet trimmed with white ribbon, and small flowers in front; the hair turned up behind. Jacket and petticoat of spotted muslin; white muslin sleeves and cuffs: the jacket trimmed round the bottom with white lace or muslin: pale blue gloves and yellow shoes.

Interesting that for the second one they call the gown a petticoat.

My second choice today is and evening dress from 1810, right at the start of the Regency. It really is gorgeous.

From La Belle Assemblee: An Evening Full Dress.

A pale blue gossamer silk dress, worn over a white satin slip; made with short train, and frock back; the hind part of the dress made entirely open, and tied down with small bows of white satin ribband; long sleeves formed of pale buff gossamer net, and the same as the gown, fastened down on the outside of the arm with small pearl brooches, the tops of the sleeves and bosom of the dress bound with silver edging, and trimmed with Valenciennes lace; the bottom and train is ornamented with a silver edging, a little above which is laid a rich Valenciennes lace; on the head is worn a bandeau of pearls, fastened in a knot on the right side, with Bird of Paradise plume. The hair is rather short full curls over the forehead, and curled in light ringlets on the right side of the neck. A scarf of pale buff silk (ornamented at the ends with white silk tassels) is worn fancifully over the figure, and confined in a pearl ring. Pearl earrings; shoes of pale buff satin; yellow kid gloves.

I think the Bird of Paradise plume is stunning, but I do feel sorry for the poor bird.

Until next time. Happy Rambles.