Regency News and Adverts

La Belle Assemblee 1813, March

Here are a couple of  pieces you might find interesting


At Warrington: Mr. William Leather, breadmaker, to Miss Nanny7 Holland, confectioner, after a tedious courtship of thirty-six years.

Do you think the marriage was less "tedious". Do you think combination of baker and confectioner was all about business?


The Hon. Harriet Pryse, Lady of Pryse Pryse, Esq. of Gogerddan. This afflicting event was occasioned by the following accident:

As Mrs Pryse was preparing to go to bed, between two and three o'clock, on the morning fo New Year's day, her night-dress came in contacts with a rushlight that was burning in the room, and was instantly in a blaze.

While this last is not happy topic it contains some useful gems from speech at the time. I was interested in the use of a rush light give that this woman is clearly not of lower orders. But candles were expensive.


Rowland's Essence of Tyre;
Or Imperial Dye,

A Chemical peparation of wonderful metamorphosing powers,. for emmediately and effectually change the Hair when Red or Grey, to a beautiful Black, Brown, or Auburn. Price 7s 6d. per bottle.

Clear evidence that red hair is worse than grey?  What do you think?

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