Regency Fashion - May Part II

Sorry about that ducks, we seem to get led down the garden path by buttons and such. Anyway, pulling myself out of the ding weed as it were, we will finish fashions for May.
We took a quick peek at 1806 and 1808, so let us see what delights there are for later years of the regency. The next two are from 1810
No. 1-Evening Shawl DressAah now here we have "a rich Paris-brown French silk shawl robe, with short full sleeves, made to sit very much off the shoulders; worn over a white satin body with long sleeves. Persian scarf of green silk; white satin shoes; and white kid gloves." And just look how slender both of these young ladies are. Don't they remind you of models today?

No. 2-Evening Full Dress
A white satin, or fine India muslin, round dress, made short, and scolloped round the bottom, which is finished with a gold twist, made to sit very high over the neck; ornamented with a full ruck of white crape, or lace; long sleeves laced with gold twist, and small gold drop buttons, the sleeves scolloped to correspond with the bottom of the dress, and ornamented with gold cord; a gold net, or Persian silk sash, encircles the waist. White kid gloves; white satin shoes, with gold rosettes; tippet of white swansdown.

Obviously, the first group with the gentleman from 1817, is one of those rarities that we love to find. He is clearly dressed for evening, with the kneebreches and flat black pumps. And look at the shine on those stockings he is wearing. Now they just have to be silk, wouldn't you think? The next evening gown (1816) is just darling, so delicate, and the pretty embroidery really appeals to me.

This last picture is for Beth. It is the peliss that closes at the front. Can't give you a month or a year on this one, so far I haven't found its origins. But it is gorgeous, and I just love that hat.

That is all for this week. See you next Monday. Until then Happy Rambles.