The Regency and the Armies of Europe

One of the things that struck me when researching Paris after Waterloo for "No Regrets" due out in November 2007, was that the city was under occupation by the allies, the chief of whom were Prussia, Russia, England. One of the complaints of the citizens of Paris was all the foreign uniforms on their streets.

One uniform did appeal to me. The Austrians were said to wear white coats and light blue breeches with heavy embroidery. I have looked high and low for a picture, but so far no luck.

Here are some other that may have been seen on the streets of Paris during this time, or if not these exactly then some very similar.

The first grouping are Russian Cavalry officers all dressed up for an evening out I would think.

This next officer is Prussian. A handsome and impressive fellow.

These are Russian cossaks, sadly not in color, the description says they wear red jackets and black baggy trousers, at least the ones that arrived with the Tsar did. They were an odd bunch, apparently prefering to cook their own food even when offered hospitality in the grand houses in Paris. They certainly started a fashion for those baggy trousers in London after Waterloo.

Then of course there were the English, who also had a variety of uniforms and not just the red coats we commonly think of as British. For example these are 13th, 20th and 22nd Light Dragoons.

Of particular note were the highlanders. They were as popular a sight with the Parisiens then as they are today.

Well that is all for me this evening. See you next Thursday and until then, Happy Rambles.