The Regency

February 6 - January 29, 1820

There is often confusion about the date the Regency begins, February 5 or February 6.  Royal Assent to the Regency Act was given on February 5 1811.  George, Prince of Wales was sworn in as Regent on February 6. He was in his forty-ninth year. He had been excluded from any form of meaningful participation in Government by his father until that date.

At Carlton House on February 6, the band of the Grenadiers in white gaiters played in the courtyard, while Privy Councillors and Peers entered the house for the swearing in.

To everyone's surprise, and the Whigs chagrin, he decided to keep his father's Tory Ministers.  He kept those ministers waiting for two hours. Out of the windows they no doubt saw the Prince's daughter, Princess Charlot,te on horseback riding about the garden with two grooms.  One can imagine how interested she must have been in the proceedings.
The Prince did not celebrate this great event until later that summer in June.

The Regency period, and the years that surround it mark a time of change. Real change from the earlier Georgian period with their powdered hair and wigs, to a period much more recognizable in our modern time.  Many of the designs of that era are well thought of today. Medicine and mechanical transportation were in their infancy and knowledge increased exponentially. During the 200th Anniversary I hope to address  events and of note during this period.

Today is the first day of the 200th Anniversary.  Do you have any special plans?  I will be reading all I can find on those very specific years, so I can share it with you.

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