Regency Fashion for January

A bit late I know but I wanted to get this in before we started on our new Fashion format tied to the years of the Regency. Oh and the sneak peek we had yesterday, well the  cover is now up on Amazon.

Looking back at previous posts for January, I see that last year's post on fashion showed England as snowbound, this year I would say it is North America that is showing a lot more white than usual. 

 The long Regency era covers from say the late 1780's to 1830. Since the rest of the posts this year will focus strictly on the years of the British Regency, when Britain had a Regent  1811 to 1820, in celebration of the 200th Anniversary. Today I am going 1807

I like this one because it it has a very elegant Gentleman walking with the lady.

It comes from Le Beaumonde for January 1807

A plain muslin dress, walking length, made high in front, and forms a shirt collar, richly embroidered; long sleeves, also embroidered round the wrists, and at the bottom of the dress; a pelisse opera coat, without any seam in the back, composed of orange-blossom tinged with brown, made of Angola cloth, or sarsnet, trimmed either with rich Chinchealley [sic] fur, or sable tipt with gold; white fur will also look extremely delicate. The pelisse sets close to the form on one side, and is fastened on the right shoulder with a broach; both sides may be worn close as a wrapping pelisse. 

Indispensables are still much worn, and of the same colour as the dress. The Agrippina hat, made at Millard's, corner of Southampton-street, Strand, is truly elegant and quite new; the hair in loose curls, confined with a band of hair: ear-rings are quite out of fashion. Leather gloves, and high shoes or half-boots, or orange-blossom, brown velvet or kid.

Sadly no description for the gentleman.  Of more intereste is the actual name and address of the make of the Hat.  A nice little detail for a novel.

That's it for me, but I do hope those dealing with snow and others dealing with storms are managing as best they can. Until next time, Happy Rambles