The Rake's Intimate Encounter

Anthony Darby thinks he is ready to give up his life of pleasure--until finds himself at an exclusive club where ladies of the ton indulge their secret desires...and he spies the most alluring woman he's ever laid eyes on.

Lately widowed, Margaret is determined to savor some of the joys she missed while married to a cold-hearted Russian count. After paying her dues as a dutiful wife, she's ready to begin living for the moment--starting with a night of passion with Anthony.

The Rake's Intimate Encounter is a Short Story, there is no excerpt available.

Scandalous Regency Nights

Behind the closed doors of Regency society's bedrooms...

The Rake's Intimate Encounter by Ann Lethbridge. Anthony visits an exclusive club where ladies of the ton indulge their secret desires...and spies alluring countess Margaret. Finally free, she's looking for pleasure.

At the Duke's Service by Carole Mortimer. When the Duke of Stourbridge's beautiful and bold ward Angelina arrived on his doorstep she expected to become his mistress!

Wicked Earl, Wanton Widow by Bronwyn Scott. Rose had heard rumours of Killian's prowess with women. The new Earl of Pembridge was infamously wicked and utterly masculine...

The Captain’s Wicked Wager by Marguerite Kaye. Daring Captain Ewan Dalgleish can't resist a scandalous wager with Isabella; she must spend three nights with him, each starting with the roll of the dice.

Seducing a Stranger by Christine Merrill. Virile Lieutenant Tom Godfrey had never met Victoria Paget, yet he desired her! Returning from the Peninsula, he's shocked to find her in a bawdy house...